“Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now,” Bob Dylan, My Back Pages, 1964

“Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now,” Bob Dylan, My Back Pages, 1964 Words from another Bob with far more…

Reflections on joining WISH Scotland’s Board

WISH Scotland is playing an active role in supporting women to shine in their housing careers, says Nicola Douglas, Account Director at…

Communications and trust – reflections on CommsFest 2023

CommsFest 2023. What a month that was! 80 delegates, eight sessions, and more than a dozen speakers covering all aspects of communications…

WANTED: New team member

Hough Bellis is on the lookout for a new Account Executive / Senior Account Executive. 

Aiming for excellent tenant satisfaction?

Do you work in a housing association or council? How often do you put yourself in a tenant’s shoes?

Five lessons learned – How effective PR got our client’s issue onto the PM’s priority list

I nearly fell off my chair when I heard Liz Truss say the words ‘heat networks’ and ‘equivalent support’ in her first speech as PM.……

I’m sorry I made us fat

It all started because I didn’t want to wear shoes. Now I’m seemingly being blamed – in part at least – for the nation’s economic downfall…

Ben Powell joins Hough Bellis as Account Director

Hough Bellis has appointed Catriona Gilmore as Account Executive as the company enters a new period of strong growth.

Nicola steps up to Account Director role at Hough Bellis

Hough Bellis Communications has promoted Nicola Douglas to the role of Account Director.

Catherine Bellis Academy launches

Hough Bellis Communications has launched a new training academy named after its founder, Catherine Bellis.

Catriona joins Hough Bellis as strong growth continues

Hough Bellis has appointed Catriona Gilmore as Account Executive as the company enters a new period of strong growth.

In defence of silliness

Being a bit silly is a serious business. One of the first things I learned as a newspaper reporter was to never be scared of asking a…

Video: the world’s favourite form of storytelling

No other area of comms has developed faster in recent years than video production.

Hough Bellis and Studio 91 announce new partnership

Hough Bellis Communications has formed a new partnership with video production agency Studio 91.

Are you Re-flex or Low-flex?

One of the silver linings of the Covid age has been its role as a change agent. It has forced us to challenge traditional beliefs on how we…

Transparency is nothing to fear

The Government’s white paper on Social Housing (published this week) mentions transparency nearly 30 times.

Liverpool charity launches first ever Merseyside Mental Health Week

Liverpool mental health organisation, Imagine Independence has teamed up with Hough Bellis Communications to launch the first ever…

Do we need a Human Translate app?

There are times when bringing people along with you is the best way to get the results you need, and this is surely one of them.

A winning smile

We’re feeling warm and happy at Hough Bellis right now. The reason? We’re super-proud to have won the PRCA Dare Award for Small Consultancy…

Photo of hands using a “touch to give” card reader

How can our charities bounce back?

Almost every sector has been affected by the pandemic in some way. One area we hear less about is the charity sector, but charities have…

Vintage photo of a man carrying bricks in a street

Let’s build something new

The old way was great for those who already had it good. It’s no wonder some are desperate to rush back to it. For those who believe in…

Image of a postcard of Runcorn, the book The Gruffalo and the book On the Road

If you’re a leader, then you’re a storyteller

Think of the books you love. The songs that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The newspaper articles that boil your blood,…

• Image of a computer screen in a video conference showing the message “unmute”

Is lockdown allowing more people to have a voice?

The coronavirus pandemic has been frightening. For many people, it has been a lonely experience.

Photo of office cubicles

Workplace evolution: standing on the cliff edge of change

Welcome to the new world of work. But a word of caution. We might just find that – once the dust settles – this brave new world isn’t that…

Vintage photo of women at a bar

The power of human connection

Human connection. It’s probably not something we think about as part of our usual daily lives. We have our families, friends, colleagues,…

Photo of a statue of Marcus Aurelius

In a world where you can be anything…be kind

Every day we hear calls to “just be kind”. There is a strong movement calling for us all to consider kindness in how we should live,…

Vintage photo of a male teacher at a blackboard teaching children

COVID-19 legacy: the value of communications

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many PR staff to brush up on their crisis communications skills.

Vintage photo of a tin marked soap

Coronavirus – how are you preparing?

The Coronavirus outbreak has social housing providers, local authorities and charities across the country digging out their business…

Photo of young people looking at their phones

Understanding Generation Z

The world is changing. And changing fast. It’s never been easier to reach your audiences - it’s never been harder to connect with them in a…

Vintage photo of a smiling family in their living room with a radio

Why the radio star’s not dead just yet

You may think that radio advertising is a dying breed, and you may well be right to a large extent. But here’s the weird thing.

Photo of volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica

A watching brief

We all use it. Need to know how to bleed a radiator? Want to know who sings that song you’ve heard but can’t remember the lyrics? You tap…

Photo of the NASA logo

Culture, not kit is the key to remote working

We’re often asked about Hough Bellis’ remote working model. No office. No set working times. A team of 12 based all over the country.

Photo of Gerald Ratner in front of a Ratners jewellery shop

Dare to prepare

Don’t panic! How many times have you woken up to a horrible headline, feeling grateful that you’re not part of the PR team having to deal…

Photo of two people reading books

Get your property PR “bible”

If you’re considering a career in property communications, then your luck is in. A new book is about to be published on just that topic.

Photo of a large group of people in front of a coach

Coach trip

If you’ve benefitted from some strong role models and wise mentors, you’ll know how wonderful it can be to have someone to guide you…

Vintage photo of a man with a bucket on his head, spinning plates

In praise of prioritisation

It’s a badge of honour, it seems, to tell everyone how busy you are. How often do you hear people saying that their workload is…