Vintage photo of a man with a bucket on his head, spinning plates

In praise of prioritisation

It’s a badge of honour, it seems, to tell everyone how busy you are. How often do you hear people saying that their workload is…

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Photo of a large group of people in front of a coach

Coach trip

If you’ve benefitted from some strong role models and wise mentors, you’ll know how wonderful it can be to have someone to guide you…

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Photo of two people reading books

Get your property PR “bible”

If you’re considering a career in property communications, then your luck is in. A new book is about to be published on just that topic.

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Photo of Gerald Ratner in front of a Ratners jewellery shop

Dare to prepare

Don’t panic! How many times have you woken up to a horrible headline, feeling grateful that you’re not part of the PR team having to deal…

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Photo of the NASA logo

Culture, not kit is the key to remote working

We’re often asked about Hough Bellis’ remote working model. No office. No set working times. A team of 12 based all over the country.

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Photo of volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica

A watching brief

We all use it. Need to know how to bleed a radiator? Want to know who sings that song you’ve heard but can’t remember the lyrics? You tap…

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Vintage photo of a smiling family in their living room with a radio

Why the radio star’s not dead just yet

You may think that radio advertising is a dying breed, and you may well be right to a large extent. But here’s the weird thing.

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Photo of young people looking at their phones

Understanding Generation Z

The world is changing. And changing fast. It’s never been easier to reach your audiences - it’s never been harder to connect with them in a…

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Vintage photo of a tin marked soap

Coronavirus – how are you preparing?

The Coronavirus outbreak has social housing providers, local authorities and charities across the country digging out their business…

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Vintage photo of a male teacher at a blackboard teaching children

COVID-19 legacy: the value of communications

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many PR staff to brush up on their crisis communications skills.

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Photo of a statue of Marcus Aurelius

In a world where you can be anything…be kind

Every day we hear calls to “just be kind”. There is a strong movement calling for us all to consider kindness in how we should live,…

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Vintage photo of women at a bar

The power of human connection

Human connection. It’s probably not something we think about as part of our usual daily lives. We have our families, friends, colleagues,…

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