Garden organic – getting environmental campaigns in the headlines

Client: Garden Organic, a national horticultural charity with over 60 years experience of growing organically and undertaking research and campaigning.

Objectives: To encourage people to grow organically by providing practical advice and education on issues of national and international importance including the need to reduce environmental damage by stopping the extraction of peat for use in peat-based compost.

What we did: 

Hough Bellis ran an extensive media campaign – ‘For Peat’s Sake’ – to highlight the damage done to the environment by the extraction of peat and to promote the organic alternatives. We also promote organic growing in the local, national, specialist gardening and trade press.


  • Garden Organic has seen a rise in membership of nearly 4% when similar organisations have experienced a fall in members.
  • We achieved extensive coverage for the campaign in the key gardening press including multiple articles in BBC Gardeners’ World, Amateur Gardening, Garden Answers, Which Gardening and Garden News, as well as coverage in the horticultural trade press and the environmental press. Partnerships were established with key journalists who were also committed to change in this area, and Hough Bellis has been commissioned to run a second campaign.
  • We continue to generate regular media coverage for the charity in the local, national and specialist gardening press.