Muir Housing Group – reframing the repairs service and launching the customer commitment

Client: Muir Group, a landlord with homes across the UK. The organisation was in a period of transition as it launched a new corporate strategy with tenants at the heart of its approach.

Objective: To communicate the reforms Muir was making to its repairs services and to align them with their Customer Commitment.

What we did: Hough Bellis worked with Muir to develop a clear narrative. This helped reframe some of the challenges tenants had experienced, outlined the significant work done to date to make changes to the service and set out the process for making further reforms to the service. engaged their National Residents Group, who had originally flagged up the issues with the repairs service, to front the Customer Commitment campaign.

Results: A narrative document and stakeholder plan was created to ensure all members of the Muir team could deliver consistent messages around the service reform and future commitments and could answer any questions from external stakeholders such as MPs and councillors.

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