Coach trip 

If you’ve benefitted from some strong role models and wise mentors, you’ll know how wonderful it can be to have someone to guide you through tricky times at work. I’ve mentored people throughout my career, so when I was offered a coaching and mentoring course, I jumped at the chance to become qualified.

There’s something hugely valuable about being allowed the time to talk your problems through. The working week tends to be crammed full, and it’s an enlightened organisation which allows the time for self-development, reflection and discovery.

A good coach won’t tell you what to do or what to think, and they won’t spend the session talking about themselves. Instead, through a structured conversation, they will help you to find the answers within yourself and give you the time and space to explore yourself and the issues facing you. The coach will provide the opportunity for insight and will help you find your way through what’s on your mind.

Coaching organisations typically encourage continuous learning; they understand appropriate delegation, and tend to reward ownership, integrity and authenticity. In a coaching culture, employees are allowed to make mistakes, and challenge is encouraged. Getting a coach or mentor is a great way to take control of your own personal development.


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Sue Fox