A watching brief

We all use it. Need to know how to bleed a radiator? Want to know who sings that song you’ve heard but can’t remember the lyrics? Seen something interesting that might work for your business? You tap on YouTube, right?

Incredible as it may seem, YouTube is not yet 15 years old.

The first video was uploaded to the site in April 2005, as Peter Kay took ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ to number one in the UK.

How quickly life has changed.

More than 80% of under-15s use YouTube each week with 59% of 5-16 year olds using it on average for two hours every single day so if you’re trying to connect with new audiences, that’s more than likely where they’ll be hanging out.

For those aged 16-24, ‘live’ TV only accounts for around a third of their viewing occasions, closely followed by such things as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media services.

With your own YouTube content you’re in control. Make content as short or long as you like, get your message across and have an impact.

It won’t take long to learn more about how simple it can be to get your own content online.

It’s also important to learn what not to do on YouTube. We can’t promise you’ll go viral, but we may keep you from being an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons…

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Bobbie Hough