Why the radio star’s not dead just yet

You may think that radio advertising is a dying breed, and you may well be right to a large extent. But here’s the weird thing.

As more and more people turn away from traditional ‘linear’ radio, more and more people are actually listening to audio content, particularly speech radio.

There’s a generation gap too.

The most recent figures show that 63% of British adults listen to BBC Radio each week, but the average weekly listen for people aged between 15-24 has fallen from 10.1 hours in 2008 to just 6.6 hours in 2019.

And while ‘live’ radio accounts for around 70% of all audio listened to in an average adult’s week, that falls to just 37% for younger audiences.

A large part of the reason? Podcasts.

Seven million adults now listen to podcasts every week.

The BBC had 69m downloaded podcasts just in June 2019 – a phenomenal number!

It has never been easier or cheaper to make your own audio content. It really is now down to just a few microphones and a tablet. Anyone can do it…so why don’t you?

We’re helping with the practicalities but more importantly, the ideas to bring content to life.

After all, just because anyone can do it doesn’t mean they all should.

You have to have a good concept in place before you start but with the right personalities, processes and purpose in place before you start you can be on to a winner.

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Bobbie Hough