Understanding Generation Z

The world is changing. And changing fast.

It’s never been easier to reach your audiences – it’s never been harder to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Generation Z – those born from 1995 onwards – are proving to be a very difficult market to capture.

From climate change to gender change, they are interested in themes and products in a totally different way from those who have gone before. For example:

  • 40% say their favourite YouTuber understands them better than their friends
  • 67% say they would rather receive an experience than a physical gift
  • 28% of young men have not had sex in the last year
  • 23% of young women describe themselves as flexitarian, vegan or vegetarian

We could go on…

The traditional marketplace and recognised methods of bringing people to it have changed.

It’s a bewildering time for many consumers and brands alike.

But there are ways of reaching this new audience. You may have to change the means and the method of communication, but it is doable.

Don’t get left behind, make sure you’re creating the right content for the right audience.

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Bobbie Hough